The Gambia within MSGBC Basin

Regionally, The Gambia is located in the Mauritania-Senegal-Gambia-Bissau-Conakry Basin or simply MSGBC Basin, whose petroleum potential has been proved by the recent discoveries in region within the same basin. Which confirms that there is working petroleum system and potential for the Gambia especially in the areas of Blocks A1 & A4, A2 & A5 which lies close to the FAN-1 and SNE-1 wells.

Offshore Blocks and Seismic Data

The Gambia offshore area, have about 5,500 kilometers 2D seismic lines, and  4603 square kilometers 3D seismic, 

The offshore area of The Gambia is divided into six blocks, the area of each block is approximately 1,400 square kilometers. , Blocks A2 and A5 are operated by FAR under petroleum licences. Blocks Blocks A1 and A4, A3 and A6, and the ultra-deep offshore areas west of A1 and A4 Blocks, and all the onshore areas are open for application.