• VISION Statement:

             To be a World Class Oil Corporation with a high regard for the environment and a culture of Corporate Social Responsibility

  • MISSION Statement:

            To be the leading petroleum company in The Gambia delivering quality services in an efficient, reliable and professional manner

            to our  esteemed customers in a friendly and safe environment with a highly competent and dedicated staff

  • CORE Values:

            The Core values for GNPC support its vision and shapes its culture. They reflect what the corporation values as fundamental to its success.

            In essence they form the corporation’s identity, principles, beliefs and philosophy. The identified core values critical to GNPC’s success are:-

              Discipline: Build respectful relations both with colleagues and customers at

              all times.

              Hard work: Perform duties diligently with the right attitude and ensuring the delivery of Services beyond expectations.

              Integrity: Act with honesty and honour without compromising the truth.

              Motivation: Create the enabling environment for employees to unleash their potentials to contribute to the success of the Corporation.

              Professionalism: Execute duties in a professional manner without being found wanting on the job.

              Ownership: Ensure the involvement in critical aspects of the job to harness their professional and technical inputs thereby ensure ownership.

              Sacrifice: To give our best to the corporation and putting the interest of the corporation first before individual interest.

              Service Excellence: To provide exceptional service to our esteemed customers at all times with a view to creating value for

              them thereby capturing value bank from them for sustained profitability.

              Innovation: Pursue the creative ideas that have the potential to change the business operations and introducing more products

             geared towards delighting customers.

  • Petroleum Exploration History

Petroleum exploration in The Gambia started in 1956.

Numerous 2D seismic surveys were conducted from 1973 to 2001. A 500 square kilometer 3D seismic survey was completed in 2003. 2500 square kilometer 3D seismic survey by licensee and recently completed 1603 square kilometer acquisition by Polarcus.

Only three wells were drilled in The Gambia. i.e Sarakunda-1, Brikama-1 and Jammah-1

Two onshore wells were drilled by BP in 1960. Chevron drilled the only offshore well in 1979. All the wells encountered oil or gas shows from Cretaceous section, however, no commercial discovery has been made so far.

Considering the number of the wells drilled, we can say that The Gambia is under explored. Making it an exploration hotspot with the current discoveries in the region
  • The Gambia within MSGBC Basin
Regionally, The Gambia is located in the Mauritania-Senegal-Gambia-Bissau-Conakry Basin or simply MSGBC Basin, whose petroleum potential has been proved by the recent discoveries in region within the same basin. Which confirms that there is working petroleum system and potential for the Gambia especially in the areas of Blocks A1 & A4, A2 & A5 which lies close to the FAN-1 and SNE-1 wells.
  • Offshore Blocks and Seismic Data

The Gambia offshore area, have about 5,500 kilometers 2D seismic lines, and  4603 square kilometers 3D seismic, The offshore area of The Gambia is divided into six blocks, the area of each block is approximately 1,400 square kilometers. , Blocks A2 and A5 are operated by FAR under petroleum licences. Blocks Blocks A1 and A4, A3 and A6, and the ultra-deep offshore areas west of A1 and A4 Blocks, and all the onshore areas are open for application.

  1. To become the most dominant player in downstream activities, targeting 70% of Government’s business and 50% of the domestic market.
  1. To become an Operator in Upstream activities by 2020.
  1. To be become more financially vibrant by ensuring a sustained competitive advantage position in the oil and gas industry
  1. To have a highly skilled and motivated staff capable of delivering excellent and quality services to our esteemed customers in safe and conducive work environment.
  1. To become a zero incident corporation with the aim of ensuring a Health, Safe, Secure Environment (HSSE) for staff, customers and the end-users at all times.



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TEL:(+220) 74 88777


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